New: Controversial Report Reveals
The Best Water To Drink In The AM

If you’re interested in staying healthy then, chances are, you pay attention to the water you drink…


You might even spend your hard-earned money to drink alkaline water that claims it’s been filtered.

In fact, you’re probably spending your hard-earned money on one of these brands of bottled water.

Types of bottled water

As you can see, the labels are covered up. That’s because if the corporations behind these brands saw this image exposing their product, they’d sue me until I was living on the street.

Later on, you’re going to see some surprising test results.

You’ll discover why you should never buy another bottle of alkaline water. Or any kind of bottled water. After you see these test results, you’re going to want to pour every drop down the drain.

Surprised? Believe me, I was too…before I discovered the truth. If you drink more than one bottle of water a week, you need to read this disturbing message.

My name’s Jack Taylor and over ten years ago, I was probably just like you. I cared about my health and tried to drink a lot of water, just like the health “experts” tell us to.

Then, a completely random encounter changed my life. It opened my eyes to how incredible one special kind of water can be for helping raise your energy.

Since then, I’ve been on a mission to find the world’s healthiest water. Throughout this grueling journey, I’ve burned through hundreds of hours examining scientific studies…peered behind the scenes of the world’s biggest commercial water companies…and picked the brains of top experts in their field.

It was exhausting…but what I discovered was worth it. Because it turns out, if you’re spending your hard-earned money on alkaline water…you’re getting scammed. I’m going to show you how. Then I’ll show you the far better water that exists…at a fraction of the cost.

Over ten years ago, a man in Scottsdale, Arizona said to me:

“I used to weigh 300 pounds…”

“…but then I discovered this amazing, new kind of water and it completely changed my life — I feel like a new man!”

“I have more energy to work out, and I have the motivation to eat better, which helped me finally lose the extra 100 pounds I’d struggled with for decades!”

At first, I thought he was in his lower-30s…until I found out he was months away from celebrating his 50th birthday!

“That’s incredible…” I muttered to myself

And not just because he was in great shape. Or overflowing with energy. His face actually looked young too.

But was drinking water really his secret?

“Yes!” he said, “…a certain kind of water that almost nobody in the United States knows about…”

He explained how it’s absolutely not regular alkaline water. It wasn’t run-of-the-mill filtered or mineral water either.

To be honest, I felt skeptical

I’ve seen all kinds of products promising the moon, and they’re usually disappointing.

But the man was persistent and clearly spoke from the heart, so I opened my mind. After all, just a little bit of faith in something new could help transform your life in amazing ways…

And he did look unbelievably young for his age. So when he offered me a glass of water, I accepted.

Then I took a sip…

…and had to admit the water tasted very clear and crisp.

Then I took a bigger gulp…

…and before I knew it, I’d drank 3 or 4 glasses!

Something was different about this water. Sure, the brisk taste quenched my thirst perfectly, like water that just melted off an ancient glacier…

But even more, something felt different about me. Like I’d just sipped on some premium, organic coffee…but the energy was smoother…more subtle…

…and more natural. There wasn’t any crash. I just felt more alive and healthy!

I practically begged the man: “Where do you get this water?”

His response surprised me:

“You can’t get it anywhere.”

“What do you mean?” I asked.

He explained, “You can’t run to the store and buy a bottle of this water. It’s not available on any shelves. You have to make it.”

“Okay…how do you do that?”

My new friend took me aside, and showed me a weird-looking machine, about the size of a briefcase. What on earth was going on?

I tried to figure out what the machine was just by looking at it, and quickly realized it was NOT like any kind of water filter I’d seen before.

He began by pushing a button…

And I watched as this machine took regular tap water and completely changed it

He gave me another sample, so I could confirm what I’d felt earlier. And the same thing happened. I could FEEL in my body how amazing this water was.

Instant energy…

A crystal-clear head…


Like my health got a dazzling upgrade, in a way nothing else could deliver!

After feeling these amazing effects, I was hungry to discover more.

What was this unusual machine? And what made this water so much healthier than anything else?

My mysterious friend was willing to share, but there was a catch:

I had to hop a plane to Los Angeles…to meet the lucky few people already changing their lives with this amazing water

So I did.

And I quickly discovered, he wasn’t exaggerating about the lives being changed.

As he drove me through town, my new friend explained to me how this water technology is already used all over Japan (where the average lifespan is among the highest of all counties on the planet), even in hospitals…but it’s only just getting discovered in the United States.

First, we ate at a restaurant and met the owner, who said he was going to get this certain water machine to use for his cooking.

Then we drove to a large building, where people waited in line to get a temporary supply of this water.

I even helped one lady carry a huge jug
of it to her car!

Inside, we watched a French chef give a presentation on how he uses this water to invigorate the food he cooks.

I sat in the passenger seat of my host’s car as we drove through LA, listening as an excited woman called. On speakerphone, she gushed about getting her own water machine, after watching her entire family feel and experience the healthy benefits.

During my trip, my host made sure I had a temporary supply of this water with me the entire time. And even though I didn’t expect any sudden results beyond what I felt before, in just two days I noticed some changes.

I felt energized, fantastic…I felt years younger. Wow!

My host dropped me off at LAX for my flight back home, and I knew what I had to do.

Once I got back, I started doing my own research…

First, because I was fascinated to learn how this water worked. And…to be honest…because I was still overwhelmed from this new information and these new experiences.

If this water was so great, wouldn’t it be headline news? Why was I just hearing about this now? I wondered if I was going crazy!

But I discovered there are indeed scientific studies and clinical research showing how healthy this water is.

The research is new…but it began almost a hundred years ago, and even involves a Nobel Prize-winning scientist.

I couldn’t stop thinking about this strange water, and how hardly anyone has access to it, or even realizes it exists

After a couple weeks, I called the man up, and asked to buy a water machine for myself. The price tag was pretty steep:

Almost $4,000.

I didn’t know it then, but now you can get the same amazing water for a teeny-tiny fraction of that price…more on that in a moment…

…but I figured that specific machine was my only option, so I bit the bullet.

A big, brown box arrived at my door, with my machine inside. As I immediately switched to drinking ALL my water from it, I felt the same brilliant energy…

but something still nagged at me.

I dove back into my research to see if there were better options for men and women in the United States.

It was clear that this water is the real deal…but was it available for a fair price?

Turns out, the answer was “Yes!”

In fact, I discovered a super-easy secret to make this kind of water yourself. It’s so cheap, it’s a better bargain for you than even the cheapest bottled water!

Now I’m ready to go public with my findings. That’s why I prepared this presentation for you. In fact…

You’re about to discover what makes
this water so special…and how to create
this water for yourself

Here it goes:

As you learned before, this isn’t just alkaline water.

It has another special property…

It works at the cellular level to support your health and energy.

And it starts with oxidative damage.

This is the technical term for when oxidants and antioxidants become imbalanced in your body and…

The very molecules of your body get damaged


This kind of oxidative damage happens all around you, all the time, and it is a normal part of getting older. If you’ve ever bitten into an apple…put it down for a while…and saw the inner parts begin to turn brown and mushy - that’s oxidative damage.

Same with a car rusting out.

You see that sort of thing all the time…

…and it’s also happening inside you, even if you didn’t know it!

That’s because free radicals from oxidative damage assault your body constantly, 24 hours a day, 365 days a year.

And it may be one of the hidden, root causes for many problems that occur with age…

For instance, are you frustrated with your aching, tired joints?

Then you might want to know what scientists in Germany discovered…

Oxidative damage can contribute to joint aches.

Are you also fed up with your soul-sapping fatigue?

If your answer is “Yes!” then fighting back against oxidative damage is your solution.

Here’s why:

Your energy comes from tiny little powerhouses in your cells called mitochondria. You have trillions of them.

And keeping them healthy could be a key to why some folks are living to 100, or longer.

It all comes down to this:

When our bodies aren’t protected from the onslaught of oxidative damage…we get “older.”

We feel older…

We look older…

We BECOME older…

…unless we do something to stop it.

That’s where this rare water comes in.

It contains something called antioxidant molecules.

Antioxidants are like the good side of the force that brings balance to your body’s health.

Remember how oxidative damage is when your molecules become damaged?

Antioxidants do something very special.

They have their own electrons, and when your body is under attack…antioxidants generously donate their own electrons so yours are spared.

In other words…

These brave molecules act like bodyguards who dive in front of you to “take the bullet”


They’re not able to stop every bullet, but…as a result, you’re better protected from oxidative damage and your energy stays high!

Because scientists in Japan discovered the truth…

This special kind of water infuses your body with a super-powerful antioxidant!

So what is it?

This antioxidant was investigated by Hungarian scientist Albert Szent-Györgyi. Later on, he won the Nobel Prize for discovering the antioxidant activity of vitamin C…but almost nobody realizes he alerted the world to something that can transform your health far, far more.

He did it right during his December 11th, 1937, Nobel lecture. It happened when Albert Szent-Györgyi declared:

“Our body really only knows
one fuel, hydrogen”

... and that’s the secret to this water: Hydrogen.

Instead of regular water, where the hydrogen is bonded and trapped with oxygen, this life-giving water has a certain amount of freed hydrogen.

Clinical evidence is showing how healing it is:

A study out of Japan showed hydrogen could help improve blood flow.

Still, that’s not all.

It might even help…

Increase your energy…

In fact, animal and in vitro study results from 106 peer-reviewed articles show hydrogen may help support the health of the:

Now, because the research on hydrogen is so new, most of the above is on animals.

So, while clinical studies are needed to confirm these results in humans, real people are already feeling the difference. I’ll share some of their stories with you in a moment.

Remember because hydrogen helps protect you from oxidative damage at the cellular level, it could help support the health of the entire body. All 37.2 TRILLION of your cells.

It could help protect you from the inside out.

What if you started feeling more energy?

What if, instead of thinking about your health, you had more energy to help you play 18 holes of golf. Or work on your garden…Going out and having fun like you used to…

You can!

It’s all possible with the super-antioxidant hydrogen.

But as you learned before, it must be “freed” for it to work. That’s because…

The hydrogen is still bound and trapped in regular water

It’s the same with bottled water…

…and even alkaline water.

Doesn’t matter if it goes through a reverse-osmosis filter...

Doesn’t matter if it’s bottled by a fancy company for an even fancier price…

It just doesn’t matter. The water in your home and the water you can buy in the store is nothing like this water.

Think where we’re supposed to drink our water from…

Is it water that’s churned through miles and miles of metal pipes, and saturated with chemicals?

Is it water that’s grown stale in a plastic container for months and months?

Or water that lies dead in a giant, artificial metal container?

I’m sure you agree the answer is “No!”

And yet…that’s where virtually 100% of your water has come from, your entire life.

But what about water in nature? Is there any evidence that any of it contains free hydrogen?

It turns out researchers from Germany and Switzerland actually tested certain natural bodies of water.

And guess what?

They confirmed some fresh water from a natural lake has small amounts of free hydrogen!

But then something surprising happened

Excited about the results, these scientists kept a bunch of the water in their lab. And they discovered the free hydrogen was consumed by bacteria.

So you can’t bottle it.

Which is why you can’t find this kind of water in stores.

You must make it yourself and drink it almost immediately.

Up until recently, it was possible only with the expensive machine. But then I found a natural way. And you don’t have to journey thousands of miles to some healing spring, to do it.


You can bring its tonic, crystal-clear
power to you!

Here’s how:

You flow the water through a special filtration process. Here’s the equation for how it works:

Mg(s) + 2H2O --> Mg(OH)2(aq) + H2(g)

I realize this might look complicated to anyone who isn’t passionate about chemistry, but you only need to know the basics:

Notice how the right side ends with H2? That’s the free hydrogen.

So what happens when you switch to drinking this nourishing water?

Scientists are seeing astonishing results as we speak. Here are just a sample:

In a small, non-placebo-controlled study published in the Journal of Clinical Biochemistry and Nutrition, researchers found eight weeks of drinking hydrogen-rich water lowered the free radical damage of the volunteers, and improved their cholesterol.

A double-blind, placebo-controlled study performed by the Kajiyama Clinic in Japan found the hydrogen-rich water reduced oxidative damage and lead to other surprising changes associated with youth. They even found it helped support healthy blood sugar in people with blood sugar issues.

It’s also been shown to help improve performance...

Can you imagine how amazing you’d feel, if this water could do the same for you?

Now, remember what I mentioned about mitochondria health and centenarians, those who live to be 100 or older?

Well, a small, open-label study out of Japan on people with mitochondrial diseases showed this kind of water improved the mitochondrial health of those who drink it. Their overall level of health was maintained during the study – it didn’t go up or down.

But just knowing all this is one thing.

Let me PROVE it to you, and show you the results you can see with your own eyes

Here’s how:

It turns out, you can actually measure (in number value) how much a liquid either reduces the potential for oxidation, or creates oxidation.

This is done with something called an ORP meter, which stands for Oxidation Reduction Potential.

I used an ORP meter to test some of the most popular brands of bottled water. Then, I tested it on this special kind of healthy water.

Types of bottled water

What happened?

Only this kind of healthy water showed it had the potential to reduce oxidation.

I know it seems hard to believe you can create this health-giving water with something that looks like a simple pitcher. But think of your smartphone: It contains a computer so powerful, just a few years ago, the hardware would take up your entire desk. But now it fits into the palm of your hand.

The same thing happened with this water technology.

And I had to search outside the United States entirely to find it

That’s because in Ontario, Canada, a pioneer of healthy water has been quietly perfecting this special method of filtration. For years, he published everything he learned along the way. When I sifted through all the BS surrounding water, his knowledge was priceless.

I tried calling him, but only got a voicemail. So I explained the research I’d done, and how I was trying to let people in the United States know about this amazing water.

A day later, my phone rang. He had called me back!

As we spoke, I realized our philosophy matched up perfectly: Produce the best antioxidant water possible, while keeping the prices reasonable for anyone.

That’s when he told me about his breakthrough. The filtering technology required to create life-giving hydrogen, can now fit inside of a convenient pitcher.

The Molecular Hydrogen Institute’s laboratory even tested this filter

They confirmed it produces free hydrogen, in the water.

All the stars aligned.

I had to shake my head. Just a few short years earlier, I’d paid almost $4,000 for a machine that does the exact same thing as this simple, healthy water pitcher. And you know what? It was worth it.

Then I could let people know about this better option.

And I vowed that nobody would have to invest anything close to $4,000 for the health benefits this immaculate water provides…

Or $3,000…

Or $2,000…

Or $1,000…

Turapur pitcher

You can now quench your thirst with this radiant, whole water for an absolute bargain.

Turapur pitcher

It’s called the Turapür Pitcher, and right now it’s available for only $59.95. This is the best bargain available for the healthiest water. After all, you would pay $1.50 to purchase just one bottled water. If you drink only three bottles per day, that adds up to $270 every two months. And it might still be contaminated and still doesn’t have the benefits of free hydrogen.

If you do the math for buying bottled water for your whole family, you might be shelling out over $800 for a two-month supply of water soaking in plastic.

But now you have the chance for energetic, refreshing water for a much better price

In fact, if you avoid purchasing just a single bottle of water per day, your pitcher is already paid for in less than a month…and then you’re putting money in your pocket!

Start saving money…drink the antioxidant water you deserve. Click the button below to get your Turapür Pitcher rushed to you.

And one more thing just in case you’re still on the fence. Because you can use this pitcher in the comfort of your own home, you’re probably going to be filling it with tap water from your sink. Now…I don’t know anybody who likes the taste or smell of tap water. So here’s what we’ve done. We’ve also made sure there’s a special filtering layer of NSF-certified activated carbon.

This strips out the bad tastes and
odors in our water

Then a layer of Ion Exchange Resin softens the water, making it a pristine pleasure to drink. The entire pitcher, by the way, is BPA-free.

So you can throw out all your other water pitchers and enjoy the delicious, cool, refreshing water from this one!

That’s what some lucky folks have done. Here’s just a sample of the massive number of stories we’ve received from happy Turapür customers:

5 star rating“My skin looks great* and I’m able to go bowling again!”

“I have noticed that my hands have a younger look. Also the skin on my face looks healthy. I don't even use bottled water any more. I fix 2 to 3 pitchers of water a day and save in another container for cooking.

I have not bowled in two years due to my back surgery. I could still feel pain. Since I have been drinking this water I have gone back to bowling and did not even feel tired or pain in my back.*”

My husband said he could tell the difference. He does not drink all the time but when he needs a drink of water he drinks from the pitcher.

I have recommended it to many of my friends already.

It speaks for itself. I love it. Will continue drinking it from now on.”

Elva Black

*Results may vary

5 star rating“Immediate, almost total relief from lactic acid buildup!”

“Immediate, almost total relief from lactic acid buildup in my legs. * Up until I began drinking hydrogen water from my pitcher, I suffered without knowing why. Within 8 hours after starting this water, I was almost pain-free.

I sleep great, my joints feel great, and my skin looks healthy*!”

Gene Mendelbaum

*Results may vary

5 star rating“Greater stamina and energy, even in 90+ degree weather…and no heartburn at night anymore!”

“After drinking it for more than two months, I have noticed a greater stamina and energy level when working around the house in a 90+ F temperature this summer. I live in South Florida, the land of high humidity and heat. Turapür water has made a difference for me. I feel better hydrated with Turapür water, and even if I eat dinner later than 6:30 pm, or overeat, I do not wake up with a heartburn in the middle of the night anymore. * This is a great product. My friend has a similar opinion since she started drinking Turapür water. Thank You.”

Thomas Jarrow

*Results may vary

5 star rating“I love my Turapür filter!!”

“I love my Turapür filter!! The first thing I noticed about the hydrogen water from my pitcher was the wonderful taste. My skin looks healthier and younger now*. It just gets better every day. I have more energy and my joints feel good. It puts other all the other kinds of water I’ve tried to shame. I work out at the gym, so I take it with me too. I drink 8 to 16 cups a day. I love it!!

I have less fatigue and better muscle movement since I started drinking the hydrogen water from my Turapür pitcher! The water is clear and tastes good, like I can easily drink more. It seems to rapidly quench my thirst for water, especially when working in my yard. Now I can do a lot more of my daily routine of outside work. I’m a single person, living alone-just me. At 93, I’m still moving along fairly well and hope to keep going with your great water.”

Janet Weber

*Results may vary

5 star rating“Whoever invented the Turapür Pitcher is a pure genius! The Turapür hydrogen water is so clear and tastes so good! I felt a difference in my health from my very first glass. My energy level increased in a matter of days. I drink a glass of Turapür water and I feel great afterward. I’ve noticed younger looking skin, I sleep better at night and I've lost a few pounds*. Other waters out there can't hold a candle to my Turapür Pitcher.”

Teresa Brown

*Results may vary

Now you understand the truth about water.

But it’s all meaningless unless you make the simple, correct decision today.

You’re now at a crossroads

You can keep drinking the same water…

Or, you can take this opportunity for a new path. One that can lead you to more energy.

You’re spending money on water anyway, so you might as well save money and refresh yourself with this water.

It’s the smart choice.

Not only for yourself, but for your family too.

Enjoy water with such a vivid taste, it almost shimmers on your taste buds.

Give your health this gift today. You deserve it.

I guarantee it’ll be the best gift for your health and energy that you give yourself this year.

This water is like sunshine in a glass, and your satisfaction is guaranteed

This pitcher creates the exact kind of astounding water that you’ve learned about in this presentation. To get your Turapür Pitcher rushed to you, click the Order Now button below.

And as you do, picture this:

Imagine you’re living in the world thousands of years ago, before any modern pollution.

Gentle rays of morning sun awaken you. As you stretch and yawn, feeling completely refreshed, you decide to enjoy a walk outside.

A quiet stream bubbles right through your secluded backyard. The water gently rushes through mineral-filled rocks.

You tip-toe right next to the stream…reach down…scoop some cool, clear water into your hands…and drink.

First, you taste the refreshing, mineral-drenched, original water. Within moments, you FEEL the water energizing you as you take one drink, and then another…and another...

THIS…is how water is supposed to refresh you every day.

THIS is how it’s supposed to help revitalize you from the inside out.

THIS is why we build our homes near it, why we decorate our buildings with it, and why we love it so much. Deep down inside we instinctively realize how splendid water can make us feel and how much it could help heal us.

NOW is your chance to get the healthy water you are meant to drink.

But you must jump on this immediately.

When we first offered the Turapür Pitcher to the general public, we could only secure 1 of these pitchers for every 662 of our readers who saw the message, because of our limited supply.

We completely SOLD OUT in 38 days

Every single Turapür Pitcher was gone and it took months for us to get them back in stock.

It’s virtually guaranteed we will sell out our current supply. Even though we scramble like crazy to keep our products available, we’ve been forced to shut down sales almost half a dozen times, because of massive demand.

Tens of thousands of people are being sent this message now, and they could be grabbing the last remaining pitchers we have in stock. But if you’re seeing this now, you still have a chance to enjoy this invigorating water. Reserve your Turapür Pitcher before it’s too late. Click the button below.

This is strictly first come, first served.

Take advantage of this opportunity right now - start living with more energy

Reserve your Turapür Pitcher and get it rushed to you, before our current stock sells out.

Order Now

“What is hydrogen-rich water?”

This is water where some hydrogen atoms are “freed” from the water. (Remember in science class how water is H2O? Well, the H stands for hydrogen.)

The hydrogen is freed up by flowing the water through a special filtration process to ionize the water, which subtly changes the water at the molecular level. The secret is the special use of magnesium, which is used in a certain way within this device to gently react with the water. Here’s the equation for what happens:

Mg(s) + 2H2 O --> Mg(OH)2(aq) + H 2(g)

I realize this might look complicated to anyone who isn’t passionate about chemistry, but you only need to know the basics:

On the right side is the transformed water. Notice how it ends with H2? That’s the free hydrogen.

Now that the free hydrogen has been temporarily created, you simply drink the water, which is saturated and alive with it, so the hydrogen can enter your body.

The Turapur pitcher creates this kind of water.


“I already have a pitcher for filtering water... what makes yours different?”

That’s an excellent question…and an important one. Because the fact is, the Turapür pitcher is different from every single major brand of water filter on the market today. We are in a completely separate category. And that’s because no matter how much other products may brag about their filtering capabilities, they’re not producing antioxidant water. Because even if water’s pure, that doesn’t automatically mean it’s in its natural state. When water flows through our specially selected mineral layers, some of the hydrogen is freed up, to become an antioxidant in your body when you drink it. No other filtered water can replicate that. Which is why no other filter can possibly match the benefits the Turapür pitcher will deliver you. By drinking this special water, you might feel a solid boost of energy.


“Is this water safe to drink?”

Absolutely. The water flows through a carbon filter certified by NSF, The Public Health and Safety Organization. This independent, accredited organization tests products for safety.

Then, the water flows through natural mineral layers including magnesium, to free up hydrogen.

There are no unnatural additives are put in this water.

If you’re concerned about safety, consider this: How “safe” is it to do nothing, and let this opportunity pass you by?

When you think of it that way, getting a Turapür pitcher truly is the safest, healthiest option for you and your family.


“Your friend drank water from a similar device and lost 100 pounds, combined with exercise and lifestyle changes. Is this normal?”

Absolutely not. In fact, if you see anyone out there making claims of "drop 30-50 pounds with our magic pill!" you should get the heck out of dodge.

Now, it's true, my friend did lose this much weight, but it's simply not the norm, and there are no official human studies on hydrogen water for weight loss. In fact, according to my friend, the water gave him a solid feeling of energy, which helped him change his life in other ways. That was what lead to his incredible weight loss.

Drinking the right kind of water might be your key to optimal health. Try out the Turapür pitcher and see!


“I think the tap water from my sink tastes bad. Will the Turapür pitcher get rid of that?”

Yes, absolutely. The first stage of filtration is designed to eliminate all bad tastes and odors. Every drink you take will have a delicious mineral water flavor.


“When will my Turapür pitcher be delivered to me?”

We usually fulfill orders within 24 hours. The pitcher should be delivered in 5-7 business days. The sooner you claim yours, the sooner you’ll receive it.


“Is the Turapür pitcher easy to install?”

Yes, because zero installation is required! When you receive your package, all you have to do is open up the sealed bag containing the fresh filter, soak it for 15 minutes, and then drop it into the pitcher. Then it’s ready! All you have to do is pour ordinary water into the top, like you would with any standard pitcher.


“Are instructions included?”

Yes, absolutely.


“Do I have the plug the pitcher into anything or use electricity? Are there any moving parts?”

Not at all. The pitcher works by naturally filtering the water using gravity. All you have to do is pour some water in from your sink, or even some bottled water if you want to make it better! There are no moving parts either – the water flows through the filter via gravity.


“Is the Turapür pitcher BPA-free?”

Yes, it’s BPA-free and phthalate-free.


“What is the size of the pitcher?”

10.5 inches high by 5 inches by 5 inches. Because of its square design, it fits conveniently into a refrigerator shelf.


“Do any weird things get added to my water?”

No. The mineral layers will add some magnesium, potassium, sodium, and calcium. These are natural, alkaline minerals your body needs to stay healthy. This water does not contain any caffeine, flavorings, colorings, or any other additives like some energy drinks out there do.


“What is the pH of the water produced?”

It depends on the source water, but around an alkaline 9 pH.


“I have a reverse osmosis filter. Can I put my RO water through the Turapür pitcher to make the water even better?”

Yes, absolutely. You’re going to be amazed at how combining the two enhances your water, and how you feel when you drink it.


“How fast does it make water?”

Roughly 5 minutes for 1.25 liters, which is the amount it holds.


“Can I easily take the Turapür pitcher to my office?”

Yes, in fact we recommend you do, so you can make the water fresh wherever you go. In fact, you might become extra popular with your co-workers after they try the water out. That’s exactly what happened here at our office!


“How long does the filter last?”

Filters are designed to last for 90 gallons, which can be roughly 2 months of use depending on how many people are drinking the water.

However, for best performance, filters require a rinse with vinegar once per week. Instructions for this rinse are provided in your package.

Because of our special Priority Pass program, you’ll automatically receive fresh filters every 6 months when you need them for just $55.


“I think the price of the Turapür pitcher is too high. I'll just stick with bottled water.”

Hold on. If you think drinking even just a couple bottles of water per day is actually cheaper than the Turapür pitcher, consider this:

Just one bottle of water can cost $1.50 or more. Let’s say you drink only two per day, which is way less water than you need. That adds up to $540 every six months. And it still doesn’t have the benefits of ionization.

What about the cost for your whole family? Again, if everyone only drinks two bottles per day, you might be looking at $1,620. It’s insane. And that’s just for three people!

The Turapür pitcher, on the other hand, is only $59.95, and replacement filters are a discounted $55, as part of our Priority Pass program. When you realize that each filter will last you a full 90 gallons, then over time your investment is a total of only fifty cents per day.

That’s just a handful of pennies!

If you consider this "too much" of a price to boost your energy, you must not value your health.

You'll spend more than this going to the movies. You'll even spend more than this on parking if you live in a city.

Are you seriously suggesting that your body isn't more valuable than a parking spot or a lousy movie?

Wise men and women who are ready for a positive change in their health, think differently. They are able to make a smart decision when they see one and this is a smart decision.

Right below this paragraph is the golden Add To Cart button. Click on it. Do that right now, and we'll deliver your Turapür pitcher to you today at lightning speed. The first day you try out the water, you will feel more energized.

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